Patch v1.1 released!

Thanks to feedback from players, a new patch is fresh out of the oven! Additionally, Basheman's excellent soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp, and a link to his Patreon has been provided as well.

Full change log is as follows:

- Miniboss (Leviathan and Despoiler) collisions no longer guarantee death; now inflicts 150 damage scaled by hull percentage that ignores defense by default. While this sounds like a lot, it's actually a significant reduction; previously, with ram damage equalling remaining hull points, a green Leviathan would deal up to 400 damage depending on how damaged it was, and a red one could clock in at a staggering 700 damage, if you had the final defensive upgrade. If not, they just set your health to 0. Now, you can actually survive being rammed without said upgrade (which still works the same; lets your defenses apply at half strength to massive attacks and full strength to small yellow/red beams), and perhaps more importantly, the lower difficulties have fewer guaranteed instakills to worry about. :v
-- Boss collisions still fatal!

- Fixed unreliable behaviour of beam supers. As a slight downside to this, these now require slightly greater precision; the collision detection is no wider than the beam itself, but since it's actually a series of circle checks, it's actually most often narrower, and is done the frame before the beam itself becomes visible, meaning that there might be some very close misses. I've tried to minimize this, however!
Additionally, beam supers had far more piercing power than they were supposed to once you had the 5th offensive skill. It made them only lose half as much power as they should when hitting an enemy. This has been fixed, but don't worry, they're still powerful. :v

- Defensive skill upgrades reworked, should be more interesting now!

- Green shields now deflect your shots (except rockets, because they gotta boom to do damage) even with the shield piercing upgrade, but fret not, this is actually beneficial! They still take damage, but the deflected shots can potentially hit other enemies as well.

- Successfully made the "tink" hit sounds less maddening in the late game (no more than one instance can be played per frame now)

- Fixed and tweaked the AoE damage of upgraded rockets, it should be more reliable now.

- Limited lives implemented (and an infinite lives cheat!).

- Leviathan warnings with sensor upgrade now more obvious. They also give a minor ping without said upgrade.

- Hopefully fixed galaxy-related crash on stage start.

- Final phase of final boss now slightly less brutal on higher difficulties; rate of fire is capped at that of Normal difficulty and health is reduced a little bit.

- Glow sliders in options now capped at 200. Sorry folks! To compensate, all sliders can now be reset to default with a right click. (also you can still go mad with the value in the Config file)

- Dashing now has sounds associated with activation and finished cooldown, as well as more obvious visuals.

- Made a new red screen edge for when you get damaged, which operates in intervals of 20 health. If you don't like it, you can re-enable the old one in Config by setting OldRedEdge to 1.

- Toggle firing implemented; enable it in Config if you want.

- Tweaked appearance of super charge bar. As above with the red edge, if you prefer the old one, you can set OldSuperBar to 1 in Config.

- In the most amazing change to date, the player ship now briefly flashes orange when you take a hit (like enemy ships do!).

- Red Wedges (sideways kamikaze ships) now have two kinds of detection ranges; radial (total distance from your ship) and flat (same as it was pre-patch; only vertical distance, horizontal ignored). As a new thing, you have a radial detection range even without the sensor upgrade, so you can spot them if you're hanging around the sides of the screen, but with the sensor upgrade, the radial range is nearly doubled, and you gain a flat range on top of that (so you'll always spot them before they enter). This hopefully makes them a bit less unfair.

- A few other tweaks and fixes here and there.


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Oct 03, 2018

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